Those Looking from Above

Being a tower crane operator, which is among the difficult professions, is a profession that requires special skills and attention. Operators work in a high place and alone for hours. Each of them takes into consideration the safety of the employees below as well as considering their own safety, removing tons of materials, carrying and downloading them.

Tower crane operators are skilled enough to serve the employees working down without spilling the tea they brew tens of meters above.

What they boast most is the height of the cabin they are working in and the weight of the load they lift. They are courageous people climbing hundreds of steps and working in a small cabin every day.

Muzaffer Ay, who was born in Seydişehir, is one of them. I had a hard time climbing the stair steps of the tower during this work we made with Mustafa who is married guy with two children. It took me fifteen to twenty minutes to reach the sixty-meter high cabin.

The economic crisis, showing its effect since September 2018, has caused a halt in many construction sites. Cranes were dismantled, operators were dismissed, and construction sites were closed. One of the unemployed people in this process was the tower crane operator Muzaffer Ay.