Seven Colors

In our country, LGBTI individuals cannot use their basic rights and freedoms such as their right to live, to get education, and to work in the community because of their sexual identities, despite legal regulations. They are subjected to discrimination, prejudice, exclusion, othering, and hate speech. As a result, the society forces LGBTI people into being sex workers. Özge, a trans woman, is one of those who feel the pressure of society on herself. She noticed the truth about herself in her childhood and found her sexual identity when she moved to a big city to study in university from the town she used to live. In those days, she faced heavy pressure from her family and friends. She escaped from that pressure by going to do her military service.

Because her family insisted too much, Özge got also engaged after she finished serving in military, but the relationship did not last long. Developing a strong resistance against life over time, Özge plans to start a regular business, to buy a house and a car, to realize her dreams, and to continue living as a woman in five years.