You Are Not Alone

Serdar Karalı was born in 1986 in İzmir with a difficult birth. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with autism and after a year began to receive special education. With the appearance of his illness, his mother quitted her job.

Serdar started to get education with the other kids at the age of 8 as a special student and learned to read and write. He was good at school with his friends, but especially his relationship with Ayşe was very good.

Serdar is interested in music; he keeps hundreds of songs in his memory. He sings in the school's choir; he also plays table tennis and likes swimming.

Serdar's mother Nesrin Karalı proudly says, "My biggest goal was to prepare him to life, I never gave up.". Serdar's bond with his mother is very strong.

He has difficulty maintaining his daily life without her support. Born in 1991, his brother Serkan graduated from METU Faculty of Engineering. Karalı family accepted us as one of them for a year we were together. Serdar stated that he liked the photos we took by carefully examining them.

We have seen that individuals, who are evaluated as “disabled” when we look as outsiders and approach them with prejudice, do not give up and they hold on to life with the love, hope and care they get from their families. We keep meeting with Serdar and his family.