Umar's Choice

Umar Ata Bilgi is an 18 year old teenager. He is my son. He has always been successful throughout his education. Despite the expectations of his teachers and relatives, Umar would make the decision about his life himself when he was about to finish high school. He knew what he wanted; he would do the work he would be happy doing, he would become a musician.

At the end of the 11th grade, one day he called and said that he decided to become an opera singer on the phone and would switch from the mathematics-natural sciences department to the Turkish-social sciences department. Of course, we reacted: "O son, your grades are good, get yourself a good profession and if you want you can still start on music." we said. But when we realized that Umar was determined, we supported him by saying, "If you want it, do the best."

The fact that those around us saying “This child has wasted himself” did not prevent Umar from organizing his life according to his wish. He started to work hard to study in the conservatory and become an opera singer. He took exams one after another, experiencing the excitement and tension for each. And so did we. During this process, while I was taking my son’s photos, it would be a lie if I said "I did not have any difficulties" because my mother and photographer identities clashed, especially on exam days.

In the exams he entered in 2018, Umar won the Conservatory-Opera Department of Haliç University, and then Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory-Opera Department, and after that Yaşar University Conservatory-Opera Department. Umar made his choice. He continues his education at Yaşar University Conservatory-Opera Department.