Stone Oven

Emire Akdeniz and Mehmet Akdeniz made their living by making simit in stone oven in wood fire since 1985. They used to know all their customers who came to the bakery early in the morning to buy wholesale simits or one- two simits for many years.

The three-storey building on 1521 Street, where their bakery was located, was expropriated and destroyed in June 2019; because it was located in an area where the municipality would build a park.

After a while, Mehmet Akdeniz started working in one of the chain enterprises making simit in Denizli. Emire Akdeniz became a housewife after she lost her job.

In Denizli, construction has become a trend for the last ten years. Many buildings, streets and squares with a history are disappearing along with the professions with traditional values.