Celalettin Berberoğlu, who has been in the family business continuing for three generations, is a 51-year-old felt craftsman. He and his wife Kübra Berberoğlu have two children. Celalettin has the title of “felt artist” given by the Ministry of Culture. He works in his workshop in an old restored Konya house in Konya, near Türbeönü. He learned classical felt craft from his father and the modern felt craft with his own effort. "Suf" means wool, suf-i means "wearing wool cloths". It is said that one of the first textile products that humanity started to use after they settled down is felt. While doing this work, we saw that the story of the felt and the story of the human are very similar. We felt and learned that Celalettin made the use of "us" rather "I", patience, and rhythm and creativity parts of his life.