Autumn Flowers

Human life is getting longer. According to TURKSTAT data, while only 8.7 percent of the population is old in 2018, this rate is expected to increase to 10.9 percent in 2023. Against this, the number of nuclear families and fragmented families, where the elderly are very few, is increasing.

The reason I started this work was the elderly in my neighborhood. My father was alive at that time. I was so busy. I was thinking, "How can older people spend the rest of their lives under better conditions?". We are all getting old...

During this period, I came across "spring houses". In Ankara, Çankaya Municipality had set up seven Bahar evi (spring houses). In these houses, which are open during the day on weekdays, the elderly meet their sociocultural needs.

They were participating in various activities in accordance with the active aging criteria of the World Health Organization. I started spending time with them. I learned and experienced many things while we were together.

Spring houses save the elderly individuals who are active, open to communication and development from being imprisoned in their homes, who love to be in life like my father, whom I have just lost.