Last Frame

Mehmet Barut, one of the first photographers of Bodrum, was born in 1922. After learning photography in İzmir from Hamza Rüstem, he returned to his country and opened a studio called Foto Barut.

Mehmet Barut, who took photos on special occasions like engagements, weddings, circumcision, and birth occasions of people living in Bodrum, married Hafize Barut, born in (İstinköy) Kos in 1954. Hafize Barut used to help him in the studio. Mehmet Barut took photos of Hafize Barut in the last frames of the photographic films each week before bathing them for years. Mehmet Barut sold his studio because of an unknown reason for the rest of the family before he died in 1986. Unfortunately, this valuable archive, which forms the visual memory of Bodrum, is unavailable today. However, some of the photos he took remain in family albums.

On the other hand, photographs taken by Mehmet Barut, who used to record Bodrum's memory, are used in virtual media accounts trying to create Bodrum nostalgia without any reference to him. Hafize Barut, who appears in the last frames of portrait photos in the studio, is living with her children and grandchildren.