Black Butterfly

Since so long, Büyük Saat, one of the historical places of Adana, and its surroundings have been home to commerce during the day, yet in the evening, as soon as the shops are closed, tables are moved to the streets, barbecues are prepared, and the sounds of music begin to rise.

Black Butterflies is one of the bands making music here.

Salim Pepedil, the manager of the group, plays oud and rumble, and sings. When he was a child, he played and sung at neighborhood weddings, later appeared on casino stages, and even played behind famous singers.

He is married and has three children. All of his children are university graduates. He is very unhappy due to financial problems. He is thinking of quitting work at the end of the year.

Naci Pepedil plays the darbuka. He joined the group after retiring from the private sector. He is married and has two children. One has graduated from a university, the other will take the university exam this year. Like his brother, he thinks of quitting.

Ferit İpin, plays hello and the drum. His family emigrated from Thessaloniki. He earns his life through being a musician which is his father's profession. In each room of the house where he lives, a sibling of him stays with their family. He is married and has a child. His wife takes care of his mother. Their living conditions are difficult, they have lots of debts, and they have trouble paying them back. He says he will continue doing this job as long as his life goes on.

Feridun İpin plays the clarinet. He is married and has two children. They share the same house with his brother Ferit. He also has financial problems. That's why he takes some extra works. He will not quit his job until he has to.

Tolga, Feridun İpin's son, plays the violin in the group. He is married and has two children. He's been in music since he was born. He will continue his job throughout his life.

Black Butterflies are very affected by the successive hikes. The number of people visiting the places where they take stage has decreased. They are almost empty on weekdays. There are not as many tippers for musicians as before.

They come and go unhappy to work.