Sabri Şenevi's Cinema

Between 1950-80, Turkish cinema affected Adana very much. Adana was also very effective on Turkish cinema. The appreciation of the audience from Adana was taken into account in the scenario flow and actor selection of many productions. It was understood in Çukurova whether the films that that come to theatres would make well at the box office.

Sabri Şenevi was a little boy who was enthusiastic about cinema in those years. He used to collect posters and movie pieces thrown in the rubbish bins of the two theatres opposite his father's tin shop. When he grew a little older, he started to sell soda, do ushering, work as an assistant mechanic and lastly as a mechanic in cinemas. In the meantime, he collected many stuff related to cinema such as movie posters, movies, machine parts and creates his own archive. Cinema became his love, he did not get married.

Nowadays, after fifty years, we met that little kid who is in his sixties. His passion for cinema continues. Since 2011, he has been doing special screenings in his small cinema in Adana's Alidede district. There was a tin workshop next to the cinema and he had turned a part of the workshop into a modest “cinema museum” with the materials he had collected over the years.