Patience Stone

Tespihçiler Kahvesi in Ankara's old district Ulus is a place where rosary enthusiasts, collectors and sellers meet. Cafe is opened every morning at 06.00 and rosary stalls are set up. After the commerce that continues all day long, the stalls are taken away at seven in the evening. Rosary enthusiasts are replaced by people playing backgammon, cards and rummy tiles. Ayrancı Antika Bazaar, Sıhhiye and Ümitköy markets are also among the important places for the rosary enthusiasts. Established the first Sunday of each month "Moon Market" is important for the wholesalers and private buyers coming from all parts of Turkey.

Rosary, an accessory belonging to the men's world, is also regarded as a symbol of power. It serves many different expectations such as patience, luck, peace, health, worship, and ornaments. Sabri Karakullukçu guided us in this story. When Sabri Usta went bankrupt in 2001 while doing hardware-making, he "let it go" in his own words. By coincidence, he met the world of the rosaries. He soon took the first step into the profession by opening a stall in the street. Today, he has a rosary shop for wholesales. Sabri Usta says "I started life all over again with this job and this love".