Meryem and Adil have been married for 20 years. They have a child called Cihan. Cihan has autism. Meryem is a housewife. Adil is retired. But he continues to work to cover his son's rather high expenses. Meryem, on the other hand, takes care of her son in the house. Cihan is a baby born late. His head is larger than other babies. His hair is very bushy. The time when he is supposed to crawl comes, he does not crawl; the time when he is supposed to speak comes, he does not speak.

Meryem takes her son to the doctors in Ankara; they say he is "not autistic". Cihan follows the constantly rotating objects, like washing machines and car wheels. Meryem's suspicion continues. They go to many doctors; eventually he gets diagnosed with autism.

The number of autism cases has been increasing in our country in recent years. Autism is seen in one of every 68 individuals. If babies are diagnosed with autism at the latest when they are 18 months old, they can reach the same level with their peers and continue their lives as self-sufficient individuals if they receive special education.

Autism is a difference. It is not an obstacle.

Cihan is now 17, studying journalism. He likes spending time with his computer, watching comedy movies and movies social messages. He goes to the painting course, and is very good at especially in perspective drawings.

While Meryem and Adil's lives continues around Cihan, what they want most is their son's becoming an independent and a self-sufficient individual.

I must point out that this work is also of special importance to me. When I took photos, a strong women's solidarity arose between Mary and I. We're still keeping in touch. Cihan knows that as long as he wants to meet me, I will be with him. It will make me happy to take his photos and witness his development in the following years as well.