Fashion Designer of the Market

Markets, especially fabric markets, are one of the public spaces where women can Show their existence without question and get socialized. Having stalls at the market, which is generally regarded a male work, is a hard job due to all kinds of weather conditions and long working hours. Women have always been there as owners of small vegetable stalls in the markets. But it was much later when they started to take place in the fabric markets alone as stall owners and peddlers. One of the first four women who rented a place in Bodrum fabric market in 2002 was Nurgül İnan.

Nurgül started peddling at first by selling goods behind her car near the market. Today, she has stalls in three markets opening in Bodrum peninsula. As her business grew, she took her eldest son and bride with her. She is the brain of the system that provides a living for two families. It is her duty to select the goods that can be sold in the Bodrum market, buy and price them, and follow the demand and her competitors.

Making all decisions and controlling the money made Nurgül strong and somewhat untouchable. But she still cares about her roles imposed on her as a mother and housewife. Unfortunately, Nurgül passed away on 03.06.2019, in one of the bloody traffic accidents that happens on festival holidays.