Oya Will Live

Hasan hit the table and said, "Oya will live!". On 30 June 1979, Canan Güler's baby was born with a disability due to late intervention during delivery and birth failure. She started living as a mentally handicapped person because she was left without oxygen when she was born.

In order to keep Oya alive, her grandfather Hasan and all the other family members paid endless attention and love besides following special nutrition programs. Oya, about whom the professors said, "She cannot walk," started walking at the age of two and a half. As Canan Güler said, "This is the power of love."

The fact that Oya realized what was regarded impossible encouraged the family to help other disabled children in the community. They established an association when she was 16 years old. The association opened a school for the disabled on May 25, 1995, and Erdoğan Öven Disabled Village in 2009. The school, which has provided voluntary service to 100 students so far, has 50 students now.