The Other Tomorrow

Many young people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nigeria and Zimbabwe receive education at METU and Ankara University. These young people, whose paths intersect in Ankara, are looking for a “future” for themselves when the concept of “foreign” is becoming more and more marginalizing.

Five "foreign" teens studying in Ankara accepted me into their lives to tell their stories. Nigerian Anthony Uche Ogwurumba is a student in Statistics Department of Ankara University, Gift Manyonga from Zimbabwe is studying at the Faculty of Agriculture in Ankara University. M.A. and A.Ü. from Afghanistan are doing a master's degree at the Faculty of Theology of Ankara University. Iranian Sepehr Haddad is an Aerospace Engineering undergraduate student at METU, Bangladeshi Tawfiq Ahmed is an Aerospace Engineering graduate student at METU.

One of the young people whose stories I told, M.A. from Afghanistan participated in this study, provided that his name was not revealed and his face was not visible. I witnessed their efforts to plan their future in Turkey. As I got to know them, I started to look at myself through the eyes of a stranger and see cultural transitions and conflicts.