Melek (Angel)

Melek Kızıl lives with her family in Çakmak village of Denizli. Her father Hüseyin Kızıl works in a chrome mine near the village. The family is keeping livestock to provide additional income. Ayşe, the youngest in the house, helps the family in taking care of the animals. A kid called Akkeçi, whom Melek has looked after in since its birth, is Melek's favorite. They spend each day together, a special bond has been established between them. However, when Akkeçi is one year old, it will join the flock that is to be sacrificed in Çiçek Baba ritual.

The Çiçek Baba (Eren Dede) ritual, held in the Beyağaç district of Denizli, is a ceremony going on for centuries. It starts on the last Thursday of August and lasts three days. In the area where the ceremonies are held, tents are set up on the shore of Kartal Lake, and in the early morning, the ones who have a wish take what they will sacrifice on their backs and walk around the tomb, which is surrounded by stones and believed to be Çiçek Baba's grave. Meanwhile, prayers of blessings are made.

For Melek, this year was different from the others. While looking at Çiçek Baba, she had trouble getting used to Akkeçi's absence and tried to understand the ceremonies.