Madam Megı

Georgian ballerina Megı Chikovani has been teaching ballet classes in Samsun for eighteen years. After dancing for twenty-four years at the Georgia National Opera, she started working as a trainer at the Tab Sanat Ballet School in Samsun. Tab Sanat Academy, the first ballet school in Samsun, provides courses for children older than four years for nine months a year. The number of students in the school ranges from seventy to eighty.

Madam Megı spends only three months of the year in her country. She has a son and a grandson. She lost her husband nine years ago. Madam Megı, who continues to ballet thanks to her determination, will and working discipline despite the two traffic accidents she had had years ago, struggles to exist alone in a foreign country as a woman. She is trying to enjoy and continue the ballet art, which she is passionate about together with her students in Samsun.