The Tire Repairer Fatoş

Fatma Mutlucan Yıldırım is repairing tires in Güdül district of Ankara. Fatma, who is 35 years old, dropped out of high school. She worked at a market for a while and then opened a stall in a bazaar.

Fatma made her first marriage at the age of 16, they divorced. She has a daughter who is just fifteen years old. She has been married to her second husband Mustafa Yıldırım since 2012. Her husband also has an 18-year-old daughter. The girls live in Ankara and come to visit on holidays.

Until four years ago, Mustafa was repairing tires with his brother. Fatma also used to visit the workshop and help them. When Mustafa got a job in the municipality, his brother thought of closing the workshop, however Fatma took over it. Thus, she became tire repairer Fatoş.

The workshop is open seven days a week. Tire repairer Fatoş goes to the shop around 10 am after doing the housework in the morning, and passes her day by repairing tires. In the evening, her husband come to help her after his shift is over. They return home together.