Lagoon Fences

Çukurova Dalyan consists of reed sets extending for kilometers in its mouth opening to the sea in Yumurtalık Lagoon in Adana.

Mediterranean fish enter this lagoon to feed before spawning. Busy working days also begin for Captain Fethi Aydan and his team Hüseyin Aydan, Muhsin Aydan, and Ömer Yıldırım. They lay the reed bars of ten meters in length and one hundred and fifty kilograms in weight they prepared on land in the mouth of the lagoon.

These bars trap the fish who want to go out to sea to breed. Together with the fish, all five men remain behind the lagoon bars for months.

They have two huts: one on the land and one on the line through the sea. After laying the lagoon railings, they settle in the one on the line. They work day and night in very unhealthy and severe conditions. They constantly check the lagoon fences, make the necessary interventions and hunt.

After this five-month period, reed sets are dismantled as February approaches. While the fish reach the open sea, the fishermen make their way home.