The Village Doctor

Village doctors have been serving in rural areas for decades. People from this profession, formerly called state doctors and now family doctors, offer preventive and curative health services to everyone.

Nurdan Dardağan, MD has been working at the Family Health Center in Çakırlar village of Konyaaltı since 1991. She settled in Çakırlar, founded her family and raised her two daughters there. Thanks to the positive relationships that she has established with her patients all of whom are her long time neighbors, she continues her career successfully.

She visits the homes of patients who cannot come to the family health center to provide equal opportunities in healthcare and to remove the barriers. Twice a month, she visits the surrounding villages with her team. Dardağan is responsible for five hundred people living in this area.

Although Nurdan Dardağan has the right to retire after so many busy years, she continues to work with enthusiasm of her first day at work -as she cannot leave her profession and her loved patients.