Konur Nr:8

We guess, since we belong to a generation whose childhood passed on the streets, the streets are still important to us even after we are grown-ups.

Konur Street, in the center of Ankara, is an important place where we come and go, stop and breathe, give appointments and wait with excitement, and express our social and political demands. And especially the building number 8 on Konur Street is very important for street life.

There are eight different cafés in this building. Each door opens to another world; the oldest one is Zaytung Café, opened in October 2001 under the name of Leman Kültür. In addition, the building includes the Mehmetçik Foundation, Halk Evleri Headquarters and an accounting office.

In the first days we started shooting, we were outsiders looking at the life in No: 8. We were photographers, in a way: the others. As we approached the end of this work, we had had many new friends.