From Purge to Kültürhane

Three scholars, who be came unemployed over night on the grounds of signing a petition entitled "We will not be a part of this crime!" founded a culture house called "Kültürhane" in order to earn their living. Founded by scholars Serdar Ulaş Bayraktar, Ayşe Gül Yılgör, Galip Deniz Altınay, and Nalan Turgutlu Bilgin, a pacifist feminist who joined them later, Kültürhane was supported by many people's material and immaterial solidarity. Kültürhane was launched at the beginning as a cafe-library and a cultur alvenue. Shortly after, it started representing a public space of culture, education and creation for people of all ages sharing a sense of belonging and a hope that another way of life is possible.