Işıklı Lake and Its People

Büyük Menderes River originates from Işıklı Lake in Çivril Plain. The seventeenth largest lake in Turkey, Işıklı Lake is one of the 135 wetlands of international importance. In 2016, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization declared Işıklı Lake as a wetland of national and international importance.

Işıklı Lake in Çivril Plain is disappearing due to rapidly increasing global warming, environmental problems and negative human effects. The pollution of the lake water, the decrease of the waters that feed the lake and unconscious agricultural irrigation negatively affected the natural balance.

People in the villages of Beydilli, Sundurlu, Bucak, and Gökgöl around the lake are engaged in fishing, as well as breeding cattle.

The economic and social structure in the villages are changing rapidly, young people are looking for their future in big cities, not in the lake.