Junkyard Diary

Junkman Ahmet Soysaler owns a scrap warehouse. He buys what the scrap dealers collect by wandering around the streets all day long. Incoming goods are stacked according to their types.

Hundreds of people in the city make a living out of this business, and they contribute to the economy with garbage recycling. While this responsibility is on public institutions in many countries of the world, junkman and garbage collectors still play an important role in our country.

Migration from the village to the city leads to competition in this job, which does not require any qualification. This work, which is important because it provides the recycling of raw materials, is not efficient because it is not organized well enough.

Junkman Ahmet married Halime twenty-three years ago. They have a son named Hasan, and two daughters named Hasibe and Ayşe.

Ahmet Soysaler is a peaceful and content person.