The Woman Who Flies People to Dreams

Buket Ülgen Aydınlık is one of the most experienced among 15 female hot air balloon pilots who flies tourists in Cappadocia during the summer months. Buket was born in Kahramanmaraş, as a daughter of a Macedonian immigrant family; she is 31 years old. She is married to Alper Aydınlık, who also flies hot air balloons. They have a one year old son called Arsan.

When she was a student at Nevşehir University, Buket, who was on the balloon for the first time to overcome her fear of heights, really liked to fly. She decided to become a balloon pilot in 2008. However, the institution that issued the pilot license in Nevşehir at that time did not accept her as a student because she is a woman. That's why she received her pilot training in Eskişehir. Buket Ülgen Aydınlık is a determined, strong and skillful woman.

In Cappadocia hot balloon piloting is a field dominated by men, as it is in the whole world. On the days when the weather conditions are suitable for the flight, preparations begin before dawn. Pilot carefully controls the work of the ground crew.

While the tourists who will fly that day are arriving in the area, the balloons are being inflated with hot air. Before the flight, all participants are informed about security.

Along with the ground crew, the final checks are made and the journey towards the sky begins. The pilot guiding the balloon with the wind flow glides through the skies of Cappadocia and goes through the valleys.