Hasan Fehmi Çakır was born in 1983 and continues to live as a ninety-nine percent disabled person. His disease was diagnosed as cerebral palsy. There are 17 million patients with cerebral palsy worldwide. No medical intervention other than physical therapy can be done. Hasan lives with his parents both of whom are retired teachers, his mother Emine Çakır, father Ural Çakır, and his older sister Elif Çakır, who is completely healthy.

He started reading books with his peers, applied to Ministry of National Education by e-mail in 2008, registered in the public education center, became the first disabled student to receive an examination service at home and received his high school diploma. His family wants him to study at the university, but he intends to do trade.

Hasan likes reading books and listening to music, and enjoys reading Aziz Nesin, Muzaffer İzgü, Metin Hara, and Sunay Akın every day at his regular reading hours. He listens to Haluk Levent, Kıraç, and Zülfü Livaneli. He went to concerts of Tarkan and Haluk Levent and received a signed poster from Tarkan. He is interested in watching documentaries, writing short poems and studying especially geography.

His mother programmed her own life according to Hasan. She feeds him and does all the other cleaning and shaving stuff for him.

When I first met Hasan, whose older sister is my friend, I couldn't understand his speech, but after a while we had pleasant conversations filled with his fine jokes. Now we are friends on Facebook. Hasan can reach every authority he wants through the Internet and conveys his criticism, demands, and comments. Hasan does not like to feel the gaze of people and feel what passes through their minds. He wants society's perspective of the disabled to change.