Gülay’s Dance with Iron

Gülay Yanık is an ironsmith. He works in the studio next to his house in Yenidoğan Neighborhood, in Taraklı. To make a living, he produces grape bunches, cracked pomegranates, rosebuds, leaves and horse head motifs for companies that make stair railing; he also makes agricultural tools such as axes and anchors; and also receives special orders. The iron sculptures he produces among his daily works reveal his artist identity.

He says he was very impressed by the prophet David, the iron master. Gülay has four children and seven grandchildren. One of the grandchildren is adopted. He provides financial and moral support to refugees who stay in empty rooms on the lower floor of his house until their living conditions improve. Gülay lives a happy life in a large family circle in the gypsy neighborhood in Taraklı.