From Phrygian Judas Tree to Gordions

Pharmacist Canan Gerimli is a woman who loves to be free and make her decisions alone. Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of city life, and as a result of her love of landworks and nature, she settled in Ankara's Polatlı district in 2003. She built a small house in a corner of the vineyard with fifty-year-old vines she inherited from her family.

Canan said, “If Phrygians could make the best judas-colored wines of the kingdom, in 738, BC; I can make Gordion’s wines too." and she starts working.

She attends wine-making courses first, then starts small trials at home. When she has promising results, she starts production by buying a one and a half ton fermentation tank.

Since 2005, Canan Gerimli has been working as a boutique wine producer with twenty fermentation tanks in her workshop in Kargalı District of Polatlı. She takes part in each stage of production. She has won success awards both at home and abroad and continues to work in her pharmacy store.