Men's Market

Male and female figs grow on separate trees. Fig is not a fruit, but an inverted flower.

In order for a fig to be delicious and plump, a special pollination process is needed. At this stage, the fig wasp is engaged. Blastophaga psenes is known among the people as fig wasp. Flower dusts are transported to the fig through the wasp.

Figs cannot continue their species without the wasps. These wasps also leave their larvae in the figs to continue their species. For this, male fig fruits must be hung on female trees.

Wasps growing in districts in Aydın and especially Kuyucak, Bozdoğan and Nazilli regions are ideal for this job. When the season comes, the collected wasps from these districts regularly everyday are sold in the Men's Market, which has been launched in Kuyucak for eight hundred years.