Wedding Cook

Atike Girgin is a wedding cook living in Balikesir Havran. When her husband passed away eight years ago, she started working by cooking for weddings. Atike says that she started this business first at the wedding of her sister's daughter. After that, she cooked for her nephew's circumcision ceremony. Then other relatives lined up, and after that she had fame for cooking for weddings in Havran.

While the number of catering companies is increasing rapidly, wedding cooks seem to keep their job for many years in the future. Because this job is not only a professional work but also a kind of social work. Coming together, women not only cook delicious food, but also have the feeling of producing together in their open-air kitchen. They have fun together in a friendly atmosphere.

Atike Hanım is a woman in blue. I barely saw her laughing while watching her for eleven months.