Return to the Nature

In many parts of the world, production has been made with GMO and hybrid seeds for a long time. The use of pesticides in the fields negatively affects human health, while disrupting the natural balance.

Activities of alternative agriculture practices and local seed associations are of great importance in order to restore natural balance, maintain soil fertility, make more people meet with clean agricultural products and leave a healthy nature for future generations.

The Local Seed Association's Marmaris Branch is an organization that works for the promotion of healthy and sustainable agriculture in the region, aims to protect local seeds, brings together the producers and puts forward the Local Seed and Clean Food Market as a project. The association has a wide range of work. Besides the representatives of the association Pınar Ünlü, Sema Güner, Güzin Şahin Görgülü, Oya İşleyen, and Tuğçe Kalkus many volunteers attend their activities.