Camel Dresser

Aysel, who lives in Kozalak village of Aydın, marries Mehmet, the harness maker, in 1976. Mehmet has camels and dresses and ornaments them himself. After a while, Aysel also gets interested in this business, and gets to learn it very quickly, and soon gains fame in the region with the “camel dressings” she does. Aysel and Mehmet Savran have been living in Işıklı, an old village of Efeler district since their marriage. Their harnesses, other gears and camels are with them too.

The Savran couple has five children. The elder son Halil lives in Aydın, Ferdi who lives in Kuşadası, and Ergün lives in Istanbul; they are all married. Ersin, who is engaged, stays with his parents. Their only daughter, Fatma, is a kindergarten teacher in Kocaeli. Aysel Savran, 59, and Mehmet Savran, 70, are wanted figures for TV productions on subjects like camel raising, camel wrestling, and harness making. Since many TV channels have been visiting their house frequently, they have become familiar with cameras and got used to posing. It was one of the most difficult issues to photograph them in an inartificial way.