Bayram of the Fish Pond

Bayram Ceylan lives with his older sister in Karşıyaka. He is single, from Izmir, and in his 50s. He works in the Homa Fish Pond in Ege University Fisheries Faculty.

The shift in fishpond is carried out on a 24-hour basis with 14 people. Daily work is done according to the task department determined by the manager. Cover assemblies and traps are constantly checked; materials are maintained. During the hunting season, the net is set.

In the narrowest part of the channel between fresh water and salt water, there are fence traps for controlling the fish entrance and exit. The three watchmen, who take over the post-shift duty, carry the control of the traps out every hour.

When the traps are filled with enough fish and are ready to "float", the crew will harvest the fish with a big scoop. Fish are filled in crates and sent for sale.

According to the Ramsar Convention, water is transported to the living area of the employees working in the pond which is a protected area by tankers, while electricity is provided by generators and batteries.