Environmental Man

68-year-old Mustafa Kapusuz, who collects waste from garbage and recycles it, is living in Yemliha, a town in Kayseri famous for his eggplants. His wife Emine let Mustafa alone because she couldn't cope with this habit.

Although Mustafa Kapusuz looks like a “garbage man,” he works for the environment. He divides the waste he brings home into three groups as organic, plastic and paper waste. Although he sometimes objects, his children or the imam of the mosque calls the municipal recycling service department to get these wastes removed.

>Mustafa's habit of collecting waste is not welcomed by his wife, children or neighbors. Emine goes to her children's houses, when she cannot tolerate the waste piles in the house any more. At the beginning of the winter, Mustafa sent away many of his savings, and started to stay more at home and spend more time with his wife. Their grandchildren are visiting and taking care of them. In his spare time, Mustafa spends time arranging the waste left at home.

Mustafa Kapusuz, who describes himself as an environmental man, warns us saying, “Sort your garbage according to recycling and review it before you take it out of the house.”.