Our Street

My mother Sebahat Tüccar is 81 years old. She lives alone in Yazır village, where she raised her eight children.

Like the home of our big family, our street is now empty too. Almost half of the houses have been abandoned. The very old residents remained in the rest. My mother continues to be the head of both our street and our family with her personality, affection, and dignity.

My childhood friends like me return to the places of our memories only for short visits that last a few days or for reasons such as weddings, holidays, and funerals. After I decided to photograph the house where I grew up and the street on which I have many memories, I was concerned about facing their abandonment.

You come across the same view, in whichever village you go in Denizli, not only my village is like this.

Our memories and histories are disappearing together with our houses and streets.