The Bayramlar Family's Metamorphosis with Urban Transformation

Recep and Beytiye live in an old house in Demirci village with their disabled son Mehmet and fifty goats. The family makes a living by producing goat milk, cheese and butter. Their village has taken the neighborhood status a while ago, and it was declared an urban transformation area. After that concrete buildings started to be built rapidly.

Recep takes his goats to the green areas he can find every morning, and return home with the evening prayer.

I had to know the family to tell their stories. It was not easy at first to accompany them while their life struggle continued. I went to their homes. After a while, I started to help Recep while he was grazing his goats, and Beytiye while cutting wood.

I would like to thank to the Bayramlar Family for sharing their experiences with me.