The Man Who Brings Copper to Light

Copper, which we have been processing since 5000, BC, had to be tinned when it started to be used as a food container. In today's kitchens aluminum, steel, and Teflon pots have replaced copper containers. Nevertheless, tinned copper boilers are still used in some houses, in preparing traditional wedding meals or making pomegranate syrup, molasses, and Keşkek. It is known that the dishes made in copper containers taste more delicious.

Generally, traveling tinners working as a team can stay a week, sometimes a month, in the town they visit. They work away from their homes and in extremely unfavorable conditions. Due to the acid vapor, tin solution, and caustic (sodium hydroxide) they use, they do not have healthy conditions or safety measures. Thanks to the time we spend together with the masters that bring copper to light, we can now enjoy the taste of dishes cooked in tinned containers.