The name of the settlement built on the Attuda Ancient City is Hisarköy. In this village where five hundred households used to live, today only a couple of them are remaining.

The village started to be evacuated after it was declared a protected area in the 1980s and was abandoned due to gradually increasing economic reasons. While the sounds of weaving looms were once heard from every household, the village is very quiet today.

After the site was declared a protected area, the village, where no excavations were made, became the target for treasure hunters. Ancient findings on the surface were tried to be exhibited in a makeshift museum opened in the village, but soon the museum was robbed. Hisarköy shared the same fate with Attuda. The leftovers from the life of Attuda, once a magnificent city and the leftovers from Hisarköy, built on it, lie together.

As Attuda struggles to emerge, Hisarköy is stepping down of the stage with its own will.