Living with a Horse

Ahmet Kabalak was born in 1946, living in the district of Edremit in Balıkesir, trying to make a living with his horse. He organized his life in the most suitable way for his horse. Living with heat and dust in summers, and with cold and wind in winters is hard for both of them. Today, even if the technology is advanced, horses are still used in steep lands, under big branches, and in small gardens. However, due to the rapid growth of cities and the urban transformation projects' ruining houses with gardens, small agricultural areas for which horses are still utilized are also decreasing.

One of the first domesticated animals, horse is a strong but delicate being. It has to be taken care of. It should be protected from adverse weather conditions; it should be clean, dry and warm, and well-fed.

Today, the number of those who make a living with their horses is decreasing, and the living spaces suitable for horses are being lost.