Fire, Coal and Smoke

Resul and Behiye migrated to Istanbul on different dates and unaware of each other. Behiye was working in textile workshops while Resul was a construction worker. The stories of these two young people who did not know each other developed similarly. Both could not have sufficient money, their wages were not paid, they could not pay their rents. Some days they could not afford more than one meal.

Resul's older sister and his brother-in-law Necat introduced Resul and Behiye to each other. The two young people have an arranged marriage. In the first months of their new life, they leave Istanbul and go to Muğla to work in wood cutting business. Resul and Behiye learn to make charcoal there. The young couple set out again when they hear there is a more suitable environment for them to do this job in Adana. Their daughter Zeynep was born a few months later.

Like other families who are working in this business, they live in a tent. Finding toilet, bathroom and water are the biggest problems. They cannot benefit from shelter, nutrition, education or health services; and they do not get enough money in return for their labor.

Behiye and Resul have three children. Zeynep, Rabia, and Cesur go to school in Adana. Zeynep, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up, is a very successful student. Resul and Behiye, who could not pay their own insurance and retirement premiums, say, “We will provide education for our daughters till the end, with our full support.”.